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Save Bowling

Client: Hammer Bowling
Project: Save Bowling Campaign
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2012
Awards Won: “Best Business Promotion” at the 2013 InterComm Festival

The Situation: As the leading manufacturer of high-performance bowling balls, Hammer’s sales were declining because their customers—serious bowlers—have been abandoning the sport in droves since the 80’s. We created an online movement to “Save Bowling” and positioned Hammer as the only brand with the balls (pun intended) to confront the truth: the industry killed itself by making lane conditions much easier in order to propel scores.

The Results: Hammer smashed through its previous records for Web and social engagement. 1 out of every 4 bowling centers, Hammer’s leading sales distributors, applied to be part of our movement. Target sales were exceeded by 15%.




Web + Social

A campaign microsite was created at to serve as the main portal into the campaign. Here, bowlers could register for the movement, access industry insights from leading pros, participate in contests, and even calculate their true handicap as part of an initiative call the “Hammer Skillcap.”

The Hammer Skillcap Initiative (essentially a movement for a bowling handicap created as part of the campaign) successfully registered nearly 25% of the bowling alley’s in the country through the site.

Photo contests held through the campaign microsite and social profiles generated hundreds of entries from serious bowlers (our target audience) around the country.

Partnership forms from bowling alleys pledging their allegiance to the movement flowed in from across the country.

Launch day marked the single highest day total ever for comments made on the Hammer facebook page.


Celebrity Endorsement

Bill O’Neill, who at the time was the #2 ranked bowler in the world, signed on as the official spokesperson of the campaign, and even sported a Save Bowling jersey during competition throughout the year.


Press Outreach

Creative press mailer materials were developed in the form of a patient file for the Competitive Bowling Industry. Inside the file was a press release, fact sheet, poster, and letter from campaign spokesperson Bill O’Neill.

The campaign met with praise from both trade and mainstream outlets around the coutnry (print & online). Headlines proclaimed “At Last, A Way To Get ‘True’ Average” and “Score One For Marketing Dollars.”

Everyday Superhero Awards

Client: BuyCostumes
Project: Everyday Superhero Awards
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2013

The Situation: The world’s largest online costume retailer,, was looking to create “dress-up moments” outside of Halloween, and subsequently increase frequency of purchase. To do this, we launched a search for Everyday Superheroes:  a campaign / contest that inspired people to send us pictures of themselves committing random acts of everyday kindness… dressed as Superheroes.

The Results: The campaign was a great success and smashed through the metrics we set out to achieve: We reached over 4 million people through our social efforts, secured numerous press hits in the local media, generated thousands of new Facebook subscribers along in spikes of traffic, comments, and likes, and created content that brought the brand to life in a new and exciting way outside of Halloween.



Web + Social

A Facebook app was created to serve as the hub of the campaign. Here, visitors could submit their own acts of Everyday Heroism or view and vote on other submissions. Throughout the run of the campaign, the Everyday Superheroes app generated comparable amounts of traffic as the Facebook timeline itself. No small feat for a community of roughly 300,000.

Submissions from Everyday Superheroes flowed in throughout the month of the campaign.

Banners on the website and Facebook page directed additional traffic to the campaign app.

Campaign flyers were distributed across the social web and at live publicity events.


Press Outreach

Virtually every print, broadcast (radio & TV), and online media outlet picked up the story.

Some outlets even ran profile pieces on the winner of the contest.

Cover 5

Client: Cover5
Project: Launch Campaign
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2012-2013

The Situation: In launching an online sports game, Cover5 was invading dangerous territory ruled by fantasy sports juggernauts. When we got the call, we didn’t blink. We love underdogs. They’re always willing to fight harder. We recruited Dan Patrick and took the fight to fantasy sports: “Finally, a sports game where everyone can compete, not just stat-crunching fantasy fanatics.”

The Results: Millions of media impressions, including The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon, which generated millions of visits to our website and thousands of new players:

Case Study Video

Originally developed for use in investor presentation, this video provides an apt overview of the strategic branding, creative, and press outreach work done as part of the launch of Cover5.

Voices for 3000

Client: Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center
Project: Awareness Campaign – “Voices for 3000″
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2012
Awards Won: 2012 Best Awareness Campaign Award from the National Children’s Alliance

The Situation: An estimated 3,000 cases of child sexual abuse go unreported every year in the Chicago area alone. While the CCAC provides prompt and delicate care for thousands of victims each year, they can’t treat victims who suffer in silence. They challenged us to concept an event that would get Chicagoans to acknowledge this horrific reality. We forced busy Chicagoans to confront a massive, haunting exhibition in downtown’s Daley Plaza: a “Teddy Bear Sit-in” with 3,000 stuffed animals, one for each case of unreported abuse.

The Results: Media coverage from every major publication and affiliate in the city, as well as thousands of pictures shared on social networks by passersby.


 Publicity Event


Teaser Video

To build intrigue in the days leading up to the event, a teaser video was created and posted to the CCAC’s website and social profiles, and shared with local journalists along with an invite to the event.


Press Outreach

The event garnered media coverage from every major news publication and affiliate in Chicago.



A website was created to serve as the hub of the awareness campaign. Here visitors and press members could become a voice by sponsoring a teddy bear. Also on this site was a collection of celebrity PSAs encouraging Chicagoans to “Be A Voice.”

Protection is Served

Client: TableCraft
Project: SaferFood Solutions Launch Campaign – “Protection Is Served”
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2013

The Situation: Of all the equipment and supplies a restaurant uses, TableCraft’s products—plastic baskets, salt & pepper shakers, and plastic squeeze bottles—are usually afterthoughts for owners. Our challenge was to make these simple products matter in a way that begged for brand loyalty. We launched a campaign that positioned TableCraft’s SaferFood Solutions line of products, which reduce contamination and waste, as the heroes of the brand promise we helped to reawaken: simple innovations with a conscience.

The Results: Sales are up nearly 20% year-over-year.


The SaferFood Solutions product line was launched with a video that played up the drama of contamination and waste in the foodservice industry. The video primarily served as a sales tool for TableCraft reps, but was also featured on numerous trade publication websites and e-newsletters. It also received a standing ovation when it debuted to sales staff at the NAFEM 2013 Trade Show (one of the largest trade shows in the industry).



The SaferFood Solutions website served as a resource hub for sales reps. It contained facts about the costs of contamination and waste in the foodservice industry, and information on how all the products in the SaferFood Solutions line offer protection from these issues.



We teased the launch of the SaferFood Solutions by running Wanted Posters for the problematic products the client had innovated upon.



Digital eblasts were sent to prospective customers to clue them into what food inspectors look for when it comes to waste and contamination, and how our products prevent the waste and spoilage of food and reputations.

Contego Modular Sign System

Client: InPro Corporation
Project: Contego Modular Sign System Launch
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2013

 The Situation: InPro Corporation was looking for a creative campaign to launch their new Contego Modular Sign System. The gist of the product was this: In a world where modular sign systems are usually cumbersome for maintenance men to change (as they require unscrewing tiny screws at awkward angles), Contego offered new quick pin technology to make changing signs quick and easy. We created a creative platform for the product that dramatized Contego’s speed and illustrated how it left the competition in the dust.

The Results: The social video series crashed through benchmark metrics across InPro’s social communities, the sales force rallied around the message of the product, and thanks in part to corresponding trade media outreach efforts Contego won the 2013 Product Innovation Award from Architectural Products magazine.

Contego Speed Challenge Social Video Series


Sales Collateral



Palladium Wall Panels

Client: InPro Corporation
Project: Palladium Wall Panels Launch
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2013

 The Situation: InPro Corporation was looking for a creative campaign to launch their new Palladium Wall Panel System. The gist of the product was this: In a world where wood walls are prone to damage (scratches, dings, scuffs, scrapes, etc.) in commercial environments, Palladium Wall Panels offer the look of real wood but the durability that stands up to commercial demands. We created a creative platform for the product that dramatized Palladium’s durability and illustrated how it left the competition in the dust.

The Results: The social video series set records for nearly every social metric in the book across InPro’s social profiles (e.g. clicks, likes, shares, comments, reach, viral reach, etc.), and the sales force rallied around exciting product messaging and used the energizing collateral to drive sales of the product.

Palldium Pummel Challenge Social Video Series



The PacMan Proposal

Client: N/A – Personal Project
Project Description: Organize a surprise proposal for the woman I love and capture it all on film
Year: 2013



Client: Savvi
Project: Develop creative brand platform for the new company
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2012

The Situation: Savvi was a tech start-up out of Salt Lake City that was looking for a creative platform that would make their brand and product offering matter to new customers. The gist of their product was this: In a world where silly daily deals clutter your inbox every day and Black Friday hordes set siege to to stores every year just for a deal, Savvi is a website that offers smart, easy savings on the things you buy every day. We helped them develop a brand and creative platform around the abbreviated position “Don’t be stupid, be Savvi.”

Creative Brand Platform

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To Mom & Dad

Client: N/A – Personal Project
Project Description: Produce a surprise video gift for my parents with footage compiled from years of home videos
Year: 2013



Cooling Plates Launch Eblast – TableCraft


Building Protection Forum Launch Eblast -InPro Corp


E-Newsletter Template – MLK BID


E-Newsletter Template – Caffeine Communications

The Beat

The Beat was a project I began in college during my time working at the campus newspaper. It was a one page, weekly section in the UWM Post, dedicated to exploring the local music scene in Milwaukee.  Each week The Beat would profile a local group or festival, as well as a local venue, and a list of events /performances scheduled for the upcoming week. The section took a particularly artistic focus on photography + design + short profiles.  The UWM Post is the largest student newspaper in Wisconsin, publishing and distributing roughly 13,000 hard copy issues a week.

My role: Creator + Editor + Writer + Art Director + Photographer + Layout/Logo Designer


Portrait of a band: Static Chicken


Portrait of a festival: Global Union


HAND In Your Resume

HAND In Your Resume was a grassroots + cross-platform FBI employment campaign I did as a school project in college.  The campaign’s primary objectives were to (1) promote awareness of the current FBI hiring initiative amongst diverse collegiate demographics, (2) challenge misguided perceptions of typical FBI careers, and (3) engage qualified applicants within five targeted fields: Linguistics, Business, Applied Sciences, Analytics, I.T. Specialties.  The campaign was executed in Spring 2008.

My role: Creative Director / Lead Strategist + Copywriter + Photographer + Web/Print Designer + Video Director


Postings around campus were designed, developed and distributed to generate initial curiosity + intrigue and ultimately flow traffic to learn more at specific online destinations.


Prezi Sensei

A colleague of mine once coined me the “Prezi Sensei.” I appreciated the compliment, and found it to be a fitting title to this section (Thanks Kate).  To begin viewing any of the presentations, simply click the arrow/triangle at the bottom/center of the display. After the presentation loads (which should only take a couple seconds) continue to click the arrow/triangle to drive through the presentation.

My Role (unless otherwise noted):  Lead Strategist + Writer + Designer +  Presenter