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Save Bowling

Client: Hammer Bowling
Project: Save Bowling Campaign
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2012
Awards Won: “Best Business Promotion” at the 2013 InterComm Festival

The Situation: As the leading manufacturer of high-performance bowling balls, Hammer’s sales were declining because their customers—serious bowlers—have been abandoning the sport in droves since the 80’s. We created an online movement to “Save Bowling” and positioned Hammer as the only brand with the balls (pun intended) to confront the truth: the industry killed itself by making lane conditions much easier in order to propel scores.

The Results: Hammer smashed through its previous records for Web and social engagement. 1 out of every 4 bowling centers, Hammer’s leading sales distributors, applied to be part of our movement. Target sales were exceeded by 15%.




Web + Social

A campaign microsite was created at to serve as the main portal into the campaign. Here, bowlers could register for the movement, access industry insights from leading pros, participate in contests, and even calculate their true handicap as part of an initiative call the “Hammer Skillcap.”

The Hammer Skillcap Initiative (essentially a movement for a bowling handicap created as part of the campaign) successfully registered nearly 25% of the bowling alley’s in the country through the site.

Photo contests held through the campaign microsite and social profiles generated hundreds of entries from serious bowlers (our target audience) around the country.

Partnership forms from bowling alleys pledging their allegiance to the movement flowed in from across the country.

Launch day marked the single highest day total ever for comments made on the Hammer facebook page.


Celebrity Endorsement

Bill O’Neill, who at the time was the #2 ranked bowler in the world, signed on as the official spokesperson of the campaign, and even sported a Save Bowling jersey during competition throughout the year.


Press Outreach

Creative press mailer materials were developed in the form of a patient file for the Competitive Bowling Industry. Inside the file was a press release, fact sheet, poster, and letter from campaign spokesperson Bill O’Neill.

The campaign met with praise from both trade and mainstream outlets around the coutnry (print & online). Headlines proclaimed “At Last, A Way To Get ‘True’ Average” and “Score One For Marketing Dollars.”

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