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Everyday Superhero Awards

Client: BuyCostumes
Project: Everyday Superhero Awards
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2013

The Situation: The world’s largest online costume retailer,, was looking to create “dress-up moments” outside of Halloween, and subsequently increase frequency of purchase. To do this, we launched a search for Everyday Superheroes:  a campaign / contest that inspired people to send us pictures of themselves committing random acts of everyday kindness… dressed as Superheroes.

The Results: The campaign was a great success and smashed through the metrics we set out to achieve: We reached over 4 million people through our social efforts, secured numerous press hits in the local media, generated thousands of new Facebook subscribers along in spikes of traffic, comments, and likes, and created content that brought the brand to life in a new and exciting way outside of Halloween.



Web + Social

A Facebook app was created to serve as the hub of the campaign. Here, visitors could submit their own acts of Everyday Heroism or view and vote on other submissions. Throughout the run of the campaign, the Everyday Superheroes app generated comparable amounts of traffic as the Facebook timeline itself. No small feat for a community of roughly 300,000.

Submissions from Everyday Superheroes flowed in throughout the month of the campaign.

Banners on the website and Facebook page directed additional traffic to the campaign app.

Campaign flyers were distributed across the social web and at live publicity events.


Press Outreach

Virtually every print, broadcast (radio & TV), and online media outlet picked up the story.

Some outlets even ran profile pieces on the winner of the contest.

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