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Voices for 3000

Client: Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center
Project: Awareness Campaign – “Voices for 3000″
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2012
Awards Won: 2012 Best Awareness Campaign Award from the National Children’s Alliance

The Situation: An estimated 3,000 cases of child sexual abuse go unreported every year in the Chicago area alone. While the CCAC provides prompt and delicate care for thousands of victims each year, they can’t treat victims who suffer in silence. They challenged us to concept an event that would get Chicagoans to acknowledge this horrific reality. We forced busy Chicagoans to confront a massive, haunting exhibition in downtown’s Daley Plaza: a “Teddy Bear Sit-in” with 3,000 stuffed animals, one for each case of unreported abuse.

The Results: Media coverage from every major publication and affiliate in the city, as well as thousands of pictures shared on social networks by passersby.


 Publicity Event


Teaser Video

To build intrigue in the days leading up to the event, a teaser video was created and posted to the CCAC’s website and social profiles, and shared with local journalists along with an invite to the event.


Press Outreach

The event garnered media coverage from every major news publication and affiliate in Chicago.



A website was created to serve as the hub of the awareness campaign. Here visitors and press members could become a voice by sponsoring a teddy bear. Also on this site was a collection of celebrity PSAs encouraging Chicagoans to “Be A Voice.”

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