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Protection is Served

Client: TableCraft
Project: SaferFood Solutions Launch Campaign – “Protection Is Served”
My Role: Creative Director
Year: 2013

The Situation: Of all the equipment and supplies a restaurant uses, TableCraft’s products—plastic baskets, salt & pepper shakers, and plastic squeeze bottles—are usually afterthoughts for owners. Our challenge was to make these simple products matter in a way that begged for brand loyalty. We launched a campaign that positioned TableCraft’s SaferFood Solutions line of products, which reduce contamination and waste, as the heroes of the brand promise we helped to reawaken: simple innovations with a conscience.

The Results: Sales are up nearly 20% year-over-year.


The SaferFood Solutions product line was launched with a video that played up the drama of contamination and waste in the foodservice industry. The video primarily served as a sales tool for TableCraft reps, but was also featured on numerous trade publication websites and e-newsletters. It also received a standing ovation when it debuted to sales staff at the NAFEM 2013 Trade Show (one of the largest trade shows in the industry).



The SaferFood Solutions website served as a resource hub for sales reps. It contained facts about the costs of contamination and waste in the foodservice industry, and information on how all the products in the SaferFood Solutions line offer protection from these issues.



We teased the launch of the SaferFood Solutions by running Wanted Posters for the problematic products the client had innovated upon.



Digital eblasts were sent to prospective customers to clue them into what food inspectors look for when it comes to waste and contamination, and how our products prevent the waste and spoilage of food and reputations.

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