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HAND In Your Resume

HAND In Your Resume was a grassroots + cross-platform FBI employment campaign I did as a school project in college.  The campaign’s primary objectives were to (1) promote awareness of the current FBI hiring initiative amongst diverse collegiate demographics, (2) challenge misguided perceptions of typical FBI careers, and (3) engage qualified applicants within five targeted fields: Linguistics, Business, Applied Sciences, Analytics, I.T. Specialties.  The campaign was executed in Spring 2008.

My role: Creative Director / Lead Strategist + Copywriter + Photographer + Web/Print Designer + Video Director


Postings around campus were designed, developed and distributed to generate initial curiosity + intrigue and ultimately flow traffic to learn more at specific online destinations.

Dave The Hand distributed fliers that highlighted key areas/fields wherein the client desired more applicants.

Fliers were distributed to highlight the key areas/fields wherein the client desired more applicants.


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