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Orchestrator of brands, strategies, and ideas that sell.

Prezi Sensei

A colleague of mine once coined me the “Prezi Sensei.” I appreciated the compliment, and found it to be a fitting title to this section (Thanks Kate).  To begin viewing any of the presentations, simply click the arrow/triangle at the bottom/center of the display. After the presentation loads (which should only take a couple seconds) continue to click the arrow/triangle to drive through the presentation.

My Role (unless otherwise noted):  Lead Strategist + Writer + Designer +  Presenter

The Safe Schools Alliance was a creative campaign concept I developed and pitched to Milwaukee
Public Schools (MPS). The campaign was designed to inform the public of MPS’s Safe Schools /
Healthy Students (SSHS) initiative. While we won the account, the campaign was later toned
down to a less fantastic degree.

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